In 2014 I was fortunate enough to opt for voluntary redundancy from a job that I had truly loved for nearly 20 years. It was hard, and took quite some time to come to terms with what felt like a bereavement, but it also was a great opportunity.

How often do we get a chance to start over in our forties after all? So, I took 6 months off, took an evening class, spent time with family and caught up on some of the big jobs round the house, and then in the November I launched a small jewellery business. I have always made jewellery for myself, but mostly it had been simple wire work. I’d also wanted to go to university to study silversmithing, but it was just too costly when I was a teenager; so here, finally was my chance.

I have been practising techniques, have registered a maker mark with the London Assay Office and have reasonably active Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts as well as my little shop on Etsy, all under the same domain name of Dawn Gill Designs. I’ve discovered lots of inspiring people on various blogs, and thought perhaps I should join in and share more (I’ve never really been very good at joining in though!)

You can contact me using the form on this blog, direct via email (DawnGillDesigns@virginmedia.com) or by messaging me through my Facebook page or Twitter and Instagram accounts. Devon is famously rubbish for connectivity though, so despite having all these on my phone, I may not be able to respond til I get back home


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