H is for …

Hopping like a bunny.

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H .. Hopping like a bunny.
Have a go; you know you want to

Here are 2 of ours a couple of years ago, demonstrating why we have nothing nice growing in the garden (it’s all at the allotment) As you can see, they have free range over much of our small back garden, digging or climbing into any area that appears more interesting. Just as well we have such lovely neighbours. (and that they aren’t terribly keen gardeners!)

Now I’m home most days, I let the little tinkers out when I get up, and put them away at sundown.

They are very lazy but extremely entertaining.It’s far too easy to waste hours watching them potter around, like mini munching machines.

Fortunately for you they are also camera shy; so there won’t be heaps of photos of them

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20071231 032.JPG

And in other news….my pal postponed her visit yesterday, so I made some chippy-drop earrings (commission) and tested out the cake myself. Well. Always best to check, eh?! Don’t want to be poisoning anyone!


It’s Spanish Almond cake, from a Rachel Allen cookbook (Rachel’s Favourite Food) one I use often as there is never any tweaking required. Fat and gluten free, making it ideal for the addition of cream (and blueberries and raspberries from the lottie)



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2 Responses to H is for …

  1. dvberkom says:

    Yum! That almond cake looks really good. And GF to boot. I’ll have to give that a try next time I bake.

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