O is for…

Orange. We used to get one in our Christmas stocking (along with the toothbrush, a flannel and other necessities. An orange was a top treat in 1970’s Devon)

Peel it all in one piece and fling the resulting strip over your shoulder and see what letter / shape if forms.

If you want to cheat, or work up to the challenge….use an easy peel clementine – but if you do you must sing ‘O My Darlin’ at the same time. There. I made myself laugh already this morning. Excellent. Hope I made you smile too.

Photo is of a particularly ginormous chilli (variety Portugal) Mr G has grown in his number 1 greenhouse, with his own seeds, saved from last year’s crop, with my fat fist for scale.




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Finally able to make stuff and get paid for it!!! How cool is this?!
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2 Responses to O is for…

  1. dvberkom says:

    I’ve never heard of either of those traditions. Will have to try it next time I eat an orange 🙂 And congratulations to Mr. G on the stunning pepper! Don’t eat it all in one sitting…

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    • !! We do apples over here too. Traditionally the peel should spell out the initial of your (intended) spouse. The chilli is likely to go into a courgette pasta, or a curry. Glad I made you smile!


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