Q is for . . .


Well. Q is a reasonably challenging letter, so you need to cut me a little slack here 😉

I know that traditionally a quest implies hardship and distance; being super lazy, I’m thinking a little more manageably.

So, you can either stick a pin in a map, (preferably a large scale map of your home area) and start on a quest to explore it, or just take a bottle of water and venture out, alternating left and right turns at each opportunity. You needn’t go far; try walking a slightly different route home; or pack a lunch and go to the park; or borrow a book set in another country – you get my drift.
Photo#1 is of a butternut squash, resting on old bunny bedding

Photo#2 is of what promises to be the beginnings of my new disc cutter (see here  It is *nearly* my birthday, after all 😀 ) and stamping obsession

A handful of these are bathing in liver of sulphur at the moment, stinking out the kitchen, and getting all colourful.

13909384_638064613018525_6963466124061003574_o.jpg          13919978_638084206349899_1676376700955199458_o

You’ll be able to see the finished items on Facebook later !


About DawnGillDesigns

Finally able to make stuff and get paid for it!!! How cool is this?!
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