S is for….

Sing. (and slowworm)

Sing a song. There are very few people who have heard me sing. It’s because I am really, really bad. Almost tone deaf in fact. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I have a memory of being told not to sing in the house by my father because I’m so bad. However;  if I try to sing when I’m alone at home, and the windows are shut, and the music is loud – I can almost forget this. And singing always makes me feel perkier.DSC_1807

So… Switch the radio / cd player /mp3 / ipod on and have a good old sing-a-long. Do a bit of a dance while you are at it.
Go on. I dare you. 🙂
Today’s photo is of a rose at my neighbour, Sue’s plot. She doesn’t know what variety this is  but I think it looks like it escaped from Alice In Wonderland, mid paint.
As a bonus I’ve added a photo of a slowworm and her young that we uncovered when we first took on the allotment in 2010.
august2010 015.JPGWe still have some living on the plot, we just don’t go poking around so much where we think they live. These we found by mistake when we moved some rubbish left by the previous tenants. Lovely aren’t they.
As one of my pal’s says regularly “makes you glad to be alive”
I usually poke her with my poking finger when she says that.

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2 Responses to S is for….

  1. dvberkom says:

    A lovely rose! I don’t think I’ve seen one quite like it. And um, nice worms? We don’t have slow worms here in the PacNW (they’re actually pretty fast 🙂 ), but we’ve got plenty of slugs and snails to make up for it…

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