I’ve gone beta testing barmy …

I got the chance a couple of weeks ago to do some beta-testing for Joanne Tinley who I stumbled across on Skillshare. She has lovely jewellery and great, clear and patient videos that I’ve found really useful. She was recently celebrating her 10th anniversary and had some giveaways.

One of them was the chance to be a beta tester of some new texture sheets. dsc_2164She makes these using a laser cutter and cardboard, which gives an outstandingly crisp and unusual depth to the texture in silver clay. She uses them in her rolling mills too, and I was hoping to be able use my cuttlebug to apply texture to regular sterling sheet.

Sadly, that was ineffective, but the results using  Art Clay Silver have been phenomenal.



The wet clay, just after I rolled it onto RetroFlowersLge




Because the textures are burned into the card, you get an extra, bonus depth to each impression.

Have you ever used heat activated embossing powder? It’s very reminiscent of that. Or if you remember the 1970s; of flock wallpaper. In a good way.


You can use these like regular texture mats, or polymer stamps or cut them into shapes first. I rolled clay onto my RetroFlower sheet at least 8 times, with no loss of impression, no clay sticking or remaining in the crevices. The above photo is of the impression left after the final roll.


I regularly use leaves, moulds I make myself as well as other texture sheets in my jewellery, and I thought it wold be good to compare the difference. This collage shows the clay after it dried, before I refined it. Top left is a skeleton leaf impression, bottom left is one from a regular, retailed rubber texture sheet that I paid quite a lot of money for some years ago. I’ve not used it much, but as you can see from the comparison to the other 3 photos, the resulting texture, although lovely just isn’t as interesting as the ones from Jo.

This large pendant was the largest item I have fired on my gas hob; bigger than one is supposed to fire outside of a kiln. It made me nearly as nervous as when I fired the rubies   ( How did I do that? ) – I had to resort to the wok burner and an extra 5 minutes to be sure.


I really need a kiln for Christmas, Mr G.

Oh. and a rolling mill please. I’ll dig lots of potatoes, promise.

So…The finished items? ! I have made a pair of earrings that I am really happy with, having applied a liver of sulphur patina; half a pair of earrings (barrel polisher solder fail!!)  and a pendant I’ve yet to hang properly. I’ve displayed the last two temporarily on a 1mm snake chain here…

I’m still pondering the best way to utilise the large pendant. I think it needs some smaller flowers either side, asymmetrically with some gemstones. But I like these pieces to tell me what they want, coz I’m a bit weird like that 😉

Of course, if you have any ideas……  🙂


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5 Responses to I’ve gone beta testing barmy …

  1. dvberkom says:

    How cool is that?

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  2. acflory says:

    I have no idea what any of the technical terms mean but the finished products are just lovely. 🙂

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