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Stepping out of my comfort zone..

I love to make things. You might have noticed that. You also might have noticed that there’s not a lot of socialising mentioned in any of my posts. That’s because I’m not very good at it. I sell almost all … Continue reading

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Daisy, Daisy…

​Time for another CheeryUppy. This time I am trying to balance out all the pusscat photos with a rare close up of Daisy enjoying some apple branches from the allotment  He doesn’t usually like me getting this close; but I … Continue reading

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Emergency CheeryUppy…

​Today warrants another #CheeryUppy I think. Here is some #lichen that fell off our newish (6 year old) roof.  Enjoy. I am mostly bashering 🔨 my silver this morning and trying to ‘get in the zone’ Oh. And this is … Continue reading

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Woke up this morning in the UK to scary news; whilst I read this the final USA results came in. We all now need something beautiful as a distraction, so here is my little contribution, via @TheArtspectrum

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The trouble with the interweb….There’s just too much inspiring stuff. Now I’m my own boss, and the mornings are dark and cold, I spend the first hour or so tucked up under the quilt, laptop warming from above and a … Continue reading

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