Daisy, Daisy…

​Time for another CheeryUppy.

This time I am trying to balance out all the pusscat photos with a rare close up of Daisy enjoying some apple branches from the allotment 

He doesn’t usually like me getting this close; but I think he thought I had some dried bread for him to snaffle 


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7 Responses to Daisy, Daisy…

  1. acflory says:

    lmao! I was expecting a dog, or possible a bird but a bunny? And a wild one at that! Is he? a regular in your garden?

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    • Bless. No, he lives here. He is half the reason our garden is so shoddy!
      Very long story. Cliff notes = Hubby’s mum passes, hubby wants bunnies, and I cannot refuse. He builds giant hutch and we fence off garden and adopt 2 from RSPCA. Next day come home and one (the girl) is halfway up the fence, hanging from a cat. The boy (Boris; stupid and blond like Johnson) is shaking and terrorised. Lots of feral cats in Exeter. Another 2 does, and we learn that we have to put a roof on the run when we aren’t home. Eventually, 9years pass, and Boris is again bereaved, so we get a baby bunny; asking for a doe. Daisy was left lonely in the pet shop ‘the last girl in the litter that was half lionhead and half wild’
      We take her to the vets for spaying (Boris is old by now, so we figure we will have to get a buck to replace him at some point) and the vet rings to advise Daisy is a boy.
      He is also a Houdini. With all the instincts of a wild bunny.
      I’ve been working from home since 2013, so now they have the run on the garden during daylight
      Endless entertainment; he and Barley are ruled by their bellies, and love nothing more than dried out bread as a treat, and a mouldy old apple branch!
      Hope this made you smile 😉🐰🐰. I’ve boring allotmenting photos for the next cheeryuppy! X


    • Ps. He’s never wild, but often livid. Fotfl 😉


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