Baby steps…

Well, that went better than I anticipated.  Remember I told you about my plans for an ‘in person;’ event?  That my favourite independent boutique (Leela) had offered me a chance to have a stall outside her shop for the duration of the local Christmas Market, and although I love her for it, it was just a big, scary, step too far.

But. She is right. I really should try a market. So, as you know,  I emailed my old employer, and asked if I could venture in with my stuff one day. Bless them, they said yes. I did this on Thursdaywp-1480759151872.jpg

and people were sooo lovely! I met up with some old colleagues who I see very rarely, some I see regularly, and lots of people I had never met before came to have a look over my display. They were kind, polite, supportive and I learned lots – all of it positive.

I even sold things…to people I don’t know…in person…and did math (I only reversed the carbon paper in my invoice book the once!) I didn’t give anything away for free by failing to account for it, nor did I over charge anyone. And most of the sales felt genuine, with very few pity purchases !!

So, for me this is a massive success. I have broken through the fear factor. A little late for this year, but that’s fine. I’m not trying to conquer the world, just make nice things, that people can afford, and not undercut those people who have more bills to pay than I do. There will be next year. Then I shall make sure I have a better display, and possibly rope in an assistant for the invoicing!!collage2decpromo2016.jpg

Before the event the venue was kind enough to put out a couple of emails in which I described my jewellery, including some images (here’s one-)

and also put flyers by all the staff entrances and then the day before they also erected big trip hazard AFrame boards, with posters. That was definitely worth doing as people told me that they had forgotten and the stands reminded them. Now, as a result of Thursday and some other customers, I have my bespoke commission order book filled for the remainder of the month. Excellent, although it might meant I have to wait til the new year to play with my newest toy….an UltraLite Kiln.  This is beyond exciting for me. I will be able to fire silver clay, keum-boo, anneal metals, without having to use my as hob or a blowtorch (a result for my eyebrows and the utility bills) Additionally I’ll be able to enamel and fuse glass. And I found a new, unwanted one for less than the listing price at the link I’ve included on Ebay. This is it on it’s initial fire to make sure it worked ;-

Now, I know that is just white noise to most of you, so once I get going I will do some proper posts, with pictures and information about how it all works – I may even attempt a video, just so you can see the total awesomeness of it all. Oh and it really is tiny. The tile it is standing on is about a foot square.

So, that’s it for me for a week or so. Thank you to all of you who encouraged me earlier, I had no idea doing this little bloggy thing would make me feel so much part of a community and so supported. Hugs.

About DawnGillDesigns

Finally able to make stuff and get paid for it!!! How cool is this?!
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6 Responses to Baby steps…

  1. dvberkom says:

    Congratulations, you! How fabulous that it all turned out so well 🙂

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  2. Brilliant! I so empathise with your not wanting to step out of the comfort zone – my issue too! Congrats on all the sales and the outing!

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  3. upcycledat49 says:

    Such a cool post. I have a long way to go on mine before if as fluent 😆

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