Make it count…

So. 2017. I for one am pretty pleased to get rid of 2016. It was (to say the least) quite possibly the most unpleasant ever year for a number of my pals, so the commencement of a New Year is particularly appreciated here. I’ve no doubt that 2017 will be challenging, but I am hoping it won’t also be terrible.

I’ve never been one for resolutions, never wishing to set myself up to fail; but this year I thought I might give myself a motto. Working for myself, from home, with no real external pressure is delightfully luxuriant, but I do often feel as though I’m lacking focus.

I already use the ‘three reasons’ method to ensure I don’t buy too much stuff (ie three reasons why I need the item, other than ‘ooo, me likey’) and if I cared more about my appearance, I’d probably apply it to my diet and exercise regime (those who know me will be laughing at the words exercise and regime).When I was first released from the 9-5, I started a mini journal, having been advised by everyone immediately after their retirement that their days just blurred into one long nothingness.

I used that diary to note what I did each day, but only noted down tasks. I didn’t note anything that I considered indulgent; like reading a book, or taking a walk, sitting in the garden, playing PlayStation – you know; holiday type things!

I stopped recording things when I got to the end of 2014, having felt that I no longer needed it. 2015 was just busy, busy, busy; cracking on with the jewellery, getting to grips with using Etsy for sales and of course, that’s when I got a KOBO and I discovered Twitter and WordPress.

2016 was far less focused, in no small part due to the challenges I mentioned earlier, but mostly because I think I became a little complacent in my freedom. (I can’t imagine the hours surfing the net helped either!) It left me feeling as though I had wasted much of my time. I don’t need or want to always be busy, but I do want to end each week – ideally each day- feeling that it was a day well lived. To this end I’ve chosen ‘make it count’ as a motto for the year.

I might even make myself a piece of jewellery to wear all the time, prompting me.

My first Make It Count of the year, is to nail Keum-Boo.

I’ve had a productive week so far; spending Monday prepping estimates and prototypes for potential commissions (work) revisiting the address book (personal) and fighting for hours with the wifi extender for the router (both, nearly culminating in a small meltdown!)

Yesterday was more jobs in the morning, and a lovely visit from a pal for lunch, with more wifi-war in the afternoon


Today I appear to have fixed the wifi, tidied up all the ebook reviews I’ve been meaning to do and I completed my first batch of Keum-Boo on the new Ultralite Kiln I showed you in the autumn.

I’m very happy. Have learned lots, haven’t scorched my eyebrows orf and I really made the days count this week. YAY ME!


Picture is of a rubbish Twelfth Night cake I made after realising that I’ve been spending 20 years rushing to complete a Christmas cake for the 25, when of course, it’s far more traditional to have one for twelfth night . The sweets all came in the post as a surprise Christmas gift from my pal in Sweden.

It’s not very well made, but I don’t care. I had fun, it made MrG and I larff and that’s all that mattered. Happy 2017 chaps. Next post will be my adventures in Keum-Boo.



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Finally able to make stuff and get paid for it!!! How cool is this?!
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11 Responses to Make it count…

  1. dvberkom says:

    I love that cake 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. acflory says:

    I love the idea of a piece of jewellery as a reminder to live well. How about matching rings that say “Carpe” and “Diem”? The days slip by so damn fast. Make them count. Definitely. 🙂


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  4. upcycledat49 says:

    That’s such a cool looking toy/tool. I would spend far too much time playing with it and maybe a Reg Prescot moment or two. You are very very skilled ☺


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