For my Gluten intolerant chum…

I found that Ruth had big batch of gluten free (GF) cake recipes, but with neither of us being GF, and there only the two of us, I rarely make cakes.

Biscuits however – I don’t get a huge number of visitors to our home, but I do prefer to have some biccies to offer if someone does rock up, so a new range of GF ones to have in hand is excellent.

Now – I’ve not trialled any of these, (yet) but they will make a nice change from Rachel Allen’s Almond Macaroons.

Let me know if you make any, and how they turn out – and how they keep especially.

Ruth’s blog starts:   “….I have always loved biscuits and cookies. They come a close second in my heart to cake. So when I became Coelaic I had to re-look at how I made them and through trial and error I came up with 13 Tempting Gluten Free Cookie Recipes. There is something for everyone in this list. From…

via 13 Tempting Gluten Free Cookie Recipes — Craft with Cartwright


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7 Responses to For my Gluten intolerant chum…

  1. dvberkom says:

    Ooh! These sound yum 😀

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  2. acflory says:

    I’m not celiac but the double choc chip cookies get my vote! I’ve bookmarked the recipe for the weeked. Something yummy to look forward to. Thank you. 🙂

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