Celebratory Giveaway!!!

I can’t really believe this happened – I have had my 300th customer on Etsy. Not my 300th sale – 300 people from all over the globe – that I didn’t know – have chosen to pay me for something I made.

I hoped I’d be able to make some sales, and I hoped to cover the start up costs incurred with a new business, but I didn’t really expect it to happen, especially as I haven’t done any of the things that people said I should – craft fairs, paid adverts on social media, traditional advertising, loss leaders, sales, coupons and the like.

I want to thank all the people who have supported me so far, so I’m running a giveaway.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

“You’ll be able to pick any one of these items, all of which are currently listed for sale in my Etsy shop*. There are pendants and earrings to choose from, which means there should be something for everyone.
I’m asking that you leave me a comment to say whichever is your favourite item, and then I’ll ask LovelySue to pull a name from my sunhat at the allotment.

I’m sharing this post on my Instagram, Twitter and WordPress accounts, so you can comment on all or any of them (and each will count as an entry)
It doesn’t matter if you are UK based or not – I’ll happily post overseas if you win.
Sharing / reposting etc is in no way obligatory to enter (and neither is a previous purchase) but I’d love it if you would do so – as one of my glass artist chums always says ‘sharing is caring’

*Slight caveat – if one of these pieces sells before the end of the giveaway; I’ll make a replacement for you. I’ve included links in case you would like to see more photos of an item

And boring official bit ….As I’m sure you know, running a giveaway on social media is in no way endorsed by said social media, and I’ll need to contact you for your address once I draw the winner.”

Let the entries commence !!

Item one – Pendant – fine silver – ‘Bird in Heart’

(on Etsy here)


Item 2: Pendant – fine silver acorn and sycamore key, with citrine and sterling hoop – ‘Acorn’

(on Etsy here)1-HedgrowPendants1

Item 3 – Earrings – drop sterling silver and yellow sapphire earrings – ‘Sapphire’

(on Etsy here)


Item 4: Studs – sterling silver beaten hoops studs with turquoise ‘Turquoise’

(on Etsy here)


Item 5: Earrings – fine silver textured flowers with sterling earwires ‘Floral’

(on Etsy here)


Item 6: Studs – Sterling posts with either copper, brass or sterling forged flowers – ‘Posy’

(on Etsy here)


And here they all are in one picture for you to think about.

Good luck everyone, and thank you for all your support, you are wonderful.

Kisses 🙂


About DawnGillDesigns

Finally able to make stuff and get paid for it!!! How cool is this?!
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28 Responses to Celebratory Giveaway!!!

  1. acflory says:

    Congratulations, Dawn! That is really really wonderful, and I think your giveaway is incredibly generous. I won’t enter because Australia is just too far, but I will most enthusiastically spread the word. Bravo, mate. Bravo!

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  2. acflory says:

    Reblogged this on Meeka's Mind and commented:
    My favourite Silversmith in the UK has just passed a major milestone with her work and she’s celebrating by holding a giveaway. Please visit her blog for details. Honestly, this woman is a very talented jeweller with a great eye and all the pieces are lovely!

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  3. Frank Prem says:

    Hi Dawn. What lovely work.

    I popped over after a reblog by Meeks, just to see what had her so excited.

    Lovely work. You are to be congratulated.

    To my mind the hedgerow pendant with acorn and sycamore wing are the standout. I have two oaks in my backyard that I admire through all seasons and I find the seed wings of these trees an endless fascination.

    Bravo and well done. You’re achieving what so many of we budding creatives wish for.



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    • Oh Frank. What a wonderful comment to leave. Thank you. My mum and I foraged the oak cap from a tree I used to sit under as a child, and the sycamore key is from the little patch of green behind my home in Exeter.
      Both trees have, in their way brought me joy (as clearly yours do you) throughout my whole life, so it seemed an appropriate one to give away!
      Good luck – you are in the draw 😉🌼

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      • Frank Prem says:

        You’re most welcome, Dawn.

        I have a wonderful picture of bunched keys ready to fall that I will post in a series of ‘walk’ poems that I’m putting on my site, one at a time.

        I thought them quite extraordinary – couldn’t recall noticing such a bunching.

        Anyway, glad to have visited with you tonight. Cheers.

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  4. dvberkom says:

    Congratulations!!!! I wear the earrings from Bath All. The. Time. Your work is fabulous and you deserve all the kudos and success you’ve had and will obviously have 🙂

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  5. One of the first posts I ever read of yours, Dawn, was when you were just getting up the courage to start your business (or start seriously putting yourself out there, or something like that). Now look where you are! Congrats on doing it and making your dream come true. 😀

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  6. Thank you! It’s been a blast (mostly!) and that’s because I’ve taken it gently and people are sooo kind. Like you just were 😉 Thanks very much.
    ps. you are in the competition now!


  7. anne54 says:

    I have also jumped over from Meek’s blog to add my congratulations. 300 customers is a lot of people who love your work. It is a wonderful achievement, no wonder you are beaming. (Can I see the grin from over here?!)
    I thought my favourite was the Hedgerow pendant until I scrolled down further and saw your lovely studs with the turquoise.
    Here’s to the next 300 customers!

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    • Anne – thank you so much for your generous words. Yes you can see my beaming grin!!
      And you are in the draw! If you use any of the other channels, you can enter again 😉. Thank you. 💜


  8. anne54 says:

    Reblogged this on Anne Lawson Art and commented:
    For those of us who sell our creations, on Etsy or elsewhere, we know how exciting sales are. Dawn, who sells the most wonderful jewellery, is celebrating her 300th customer (!) with a giveaway. Isn’t that an amazing milestone? Admire her work, and maybe win one of her lovely pieces.

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  9. katechiconi says:

    I’m so glad Anne Lawson sent me over here! I love the Acorn pendant best. My childhood was in the UK, and these pretty mementos of English hedgerows are wonderfully nostalgic. Silver’s my favourite precious metal, and pearl my favourite organic jewel, so you’ve really hit the mark for me with this one. And now I just have to hope like MAD that I win the draw, as my birthday isn’t for ages….

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  11. Joanne S says:

    Popped over from the Tall Tales from Chiconia (Scrap Happy Project). Glad I did. You are very talented. I like it all! Silver is my fav metal and I’m an earring/bracelet gal. So. If I should win, I’d wish to receive the lovely drop sterling silver and yellow sapphire earrings (‘Sapphire’). BTW, congrats on your sales – proving the validity of your product – what an accomplishment!! 😀


    • Thanks Joanne, that’s very kind. I’m earrings and bracelet mad too! I need you to comment on the giveaway post please, if you haven’t already (sorry) otherwise I won’t be able to keep track. If you are on any on the other platforms, do enter on each if you’d like multiple entries 😉


  12. dezertsuz says:

    Oh such lovely things you make, no wonder you have 300 buyers! I’m from scrap happy, too, and clicked over from your post for that. Every single one of these is an absolute beauty, and I thank you for the chance to win one for my very own. I absolutely love that heart in the first picture and would choose that one, but there’s not a thing here I wouldn’t love having for my very own.

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    • Gosh – that’s such a generous and kind comment – thank you very much. You are now in the draw (I plan to get LovelySue to select the winner at the end of this month). If you are super keen to win something, then you can re-enter on each of the social media platforms.


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