How did I do that? – making end caps for snake chain

Snake chain (so named because of the way it flexes) requires a wrapping at the end when it’s been cut, into which one would attach the components (known as findings) used to connect the clasp. These are commercially available, but usually only in a few sizes. This chain is 1.6mm wide, which is – of course! – not a standard commercial width.

So, I’ve made my own

I used sterling tube that’s commonly used for setting 2mm gemstones, with an an outside diameter of 2.4mm and internal of 1.6mm making it the perfect size to slip over the chain comfortably and snugly

After smoothing the sawn ends of the tube with a #4 file, I rounded each end with a cup burr and then using my beloved mitre vise I sawed a tiny 3mm length.

Using the mitre vise again, I was able to round the other end, effectively creating a tiny barrel bead. I made some jumprings with a 2.5mm internal diameter with 0.8 sterling wire and filed the edge where they meet flat.

Then, using the cheat’s method of soldering, I found a divot in my soldering brick, and after putting some hard solder paste into the tube, poked that over the end of the chain, and stood the jump-ring up vertically, with the filed part against the cut end of the snake chain. I used a T-Pin below the snake chain to help keep it stable and another inside the jump-ring to act as a heat sink.

Then using tip #22 I soldered the three elements together, poking at the jump-ring with my pick to ensure it stayed vertical.

And presto! All ready to connect another jump-ring and the finding of my choice

In this instance it was an upgrade to the standard Bat’leth necklace I sell in my shops, for a particularly special customer, who likes to wear her jewellery in hazardous situations 😉 Kah’pla!!


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9 Responses to How did I do that? – making end caps for snake chain

  1. Going Batty in Wales says:

    Very clever!

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  2. Haven’t a clue what it all means but I can see you have been cunningly clever!

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  3. katechiconi says:

    I haven’t *often* wondered how this was done, but I *have* wondered! I do love a snake chain, and combined with a custom Bat’leth, it’s a great combination!

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  4. acflory says:

    Great post, Silversmith. 🙂

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