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ScrapHappy January 2023 – #MrG does a Pallet

As you will probably know, we rent a couple of municipal allotments and every Christmas, rather than buy gifts for MrG’s family, they get a #GillyHamper. It’s usually filled with allotment preserves – jams I’ve made throughout the year and … Continue reading

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ScrapHappy September 2022 – Fire brick offcuts – one woman’s waste is another’s wonder

We installed a woodburner back in 2018. A DEFRA approved one, obviously. It replaced the open fire in the front room that was standard when our home was built in 1936. This has the extra benefit of reducing the draught … Continue reading

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ScrapHappy August 2022 – Seaglass

This year one of MrG’s nieces got married in Lindos, and all the family were invited. It’s one of the many events that was bumped due to the various C-19 lockdowns, and it was the first time we’d left the … Continue reading

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ScrapHappy Reticulation July 2022

I’ve failed to document our scrappy makes recently, which is rubbish, but I did revisit reticulation this month, and reuse the smaller pieces of that… Reticulation* is where a sheet of sterling silver is heated to annealing temperature, quenched, pickled … Continue reading

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Association of Contemporary Jewellers Conference

I’m a member of the ACJ and this weekend was their/our conference. It was a special conference to celebrate 25 years of the guild and they chose to hold it in Exeter, my home town so of course I bought … Continue reading

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