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Celebratory Giveaway!!!

I can’t really believe this happened – I have had my 300th customer on Etsy. Not my 300th sale – 300 people from all over the globe – that I didn’t know – have chosen to pay me for something … Continue reading

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Inspiration from Bath

This is supposed to be where I write about all things jewellery related (with the occasional allotment post for light relief) but last week MrG and I went away for a couple of nights. It’s very unusual for us to … Continue reading

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Make it count…

So. 2017. I for one am pretty pleased to get rid of 2016. It was (to say the least) quite possibly the most unpleasant ever year for a number of my pals, so the commencement of a New Year is … Continue reading

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Stepping out of my comfort zone..

I love to make things. You might have noticed that. You also might have noticed that there’s not a lot of socialising mentioned in any of my posts. That’s because I’m not very good at it. I sell almost all … Continue reading

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Z is for ….

Z is either for Zipwire or catching some Zees. I’m gonna go with the nap option, on the basis that sleep is essential to a healthy mind, and I’m a wimp 😉. Plus, I’ve never been able to nap, so … Continue reading

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