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ScrapHappy January 2023 – #MrG does a Pallet

As you will probably know, we rent a couple of municipal allotments and every Christmas, rather than buy gifts for MrG’s family, they get a #GillyHamper. It’s usually filled with allotment preserves – jams I’ve made throughout the year and … Continue reading

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Scraphappy June 2021

I recently bought an Aquaflame. It’s like owning a small, slightly temperamental dragon at the moment, but one of the side benefits of buying her, is that I had to do some rearranging in the workshop. So this month’s #Scraphappy … Continue reading

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***Celebratory Giveaway***

Well, I say celebratory, let’s consider it a thank you, from me to you. This whole Covid-19 thing has been very hard for most of the people I know personally, incredibly challenging for many, especially those with loved ones working … Continue reading

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