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ScrapHappy – May 2023

This month I’m sharing the things #MrG created from some broken dining chairs he scavenged from his bestie last year who’d asked for help to take them to the tip. Discard some quality cabinet grade oak? Not on his watch! … Continue reading

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ScrapHappy March 2023

This is a bit of a cheat, as it’s not all scraps, but it is another way I use up some of the silver that I can’t easily smelt in an open crucible. I do have to buy the copper … Continue reading

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ScrapHappy February 2023

Back to silver scrap this month One of the things that happens with me more often that I would like, is soldering fail. I prefer to make many of my items in small batches; I find that it is a … Continue reading

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ScrapHappy January 2023 – #MrG does a Pallet

As you will probably know, we rent a couple of municipal allotments and every Christmas, rather than buy gifts for MrG’s family, they get a #GillyHamper. It’s usually filled with allotment preserves – jams I’ve made throughout the year and … Continue reading

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ScrapHappy September 2022 – Fire brick offcuts – one woman’s waste is another’s wonder

We installed a woodburner back in 2018. A DEFRA approved one, obviously. It replaced the open fire in the front room that was standard when our home was built in 1936. This has the extra benefit of reducing the draught … Continue reading

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