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ScrapHappy March 2023

This is a bit of a cheat, as it’s not all scraps, but it is another way I use up some of the silver that I can’t easily smelt in an open crucible. I do have to buy the copper … Continue reading

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ScrapHappy February 2023

Back to silver scrap this month One of the things that happens with me more often that I would like, is soldering fail. I prefer to make many of my items in small batches; I find that it is a … Continue reading

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ScrapHappy Reticulation July 2022

I’ve failed to document our scrappy makes recently, which is rubbish, but I did revisit reticulation this month, and reuse the smaller pieces of that… Reticulation* is where a sheet of sterling silver is heated to annealing temperature, quenched, pickled … Continue reading

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How did I do that? ScrapHappy February 2022 – Budleigh Pebbles

I’m always looking for ways to reuse my scrap / offcuts of silver, as you’ll know, there are invariably some pieces left when sawing out a shape, or trimming a wire, and there are only so many times I can … Continue reading

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