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ScrapHappy – May 2023

This month I’m sharing the things #MrG created from some broken dining chairs he scavenged from his bestie last year who’d asked for help to take them to the tip. Discard some quality cabinet grade oak? Not on his watch! … Continue reading

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Scraphappy June 2021

I recently bought an Aquaflame. It’s like owning a small, slightly temperamental dragon at the moment, but one of the side benefits of buying her, is that I had to do some rearranging in the workshop. So this month’s #Scraphappy … Continue reading

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Another week off, Mr G?

The joy of my hubby working from home and compressing his hours, into 3 long and one half day is that we get to spend all our days together. The downside, is that we get to spend all our days … Continue reading

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Geek isn’t an insult

Not any more. How great is that? When I think how much of my childhood I spent reading anything and everything I could, yet didn’t share how much I enjoyed Doctor Who or  Blake’s 7 (Ooo. look, she has nice earrings!) with … Continue reading

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X is for …

e – X – pectations.  I know, a bit cheaty, but honestly; this has worked for me really well all my life, and particularly the last 15 years or so. Set your personal bar high, and strive to achieve quality … Continue reading

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