Another week off, Mr G?

The joy of my hubby working from home and compressing his hours, into 3 long and one half day is that we get to spend all our days together. The downside, is that we get to spend all our days together.

I know; you’re thinking ‘I should be so lucky’ but because I’m really not making a living (YET, sez he!) from the jewellery, I slightly over compensate with cups of tea, home made snacks and meals AND IT ALL GETS IN THE WAY!!

This week he is using the end of his annual leave, and has therefore taken the week off. I’m mid discussion with a local boutique about stocking some pieces, and am really behind with the creation of new stock for the holiday season and haven’t even started making our Christmas cards so really want to be making earrings; and seeing what I can turn out as wholesale, rather than retailing it myself. It’s a challenge. Just as well I’m not houseproud, is all I can say! Fortunately it is the beginning of apple season, so whilst the boy spends the days crushing and juicing apples from the whole county, I can crack on.

I’m quite pleased with my progress so far…I’ve a few items ready to take to the store to show (so far she’s just had listing photos).

Who knew packing in my day job would make me so very very busy !!

Photos – Arran Victory, heritage potatos at our allotment; new jewellery ready for soldering, sapphire and peridot waterlily studs (fine silver) and patination mid polish – blurry coz I was multitasking (badly)

AND…my special bookshelf, containing autographed / dedicated books. It’s the shelf we’ll save in case of fire 🙂

TTFN; I’m off to the allotment to cut a cauliflower; it’s Picc-a-Gilly time again.


About DawnGillDesigns

Finally able to make stuff and get paid for it!!! How cool is this?! Find me and my shinies on and as @DawnGillDesigns on social media
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6 Responses to Another week off, Mr G?

  1. Apart from not owning an allotment and hating gardening here in Houston I think you are me….

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  2. The virtual ones are fine…

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